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KURTIS PRODUCTIONS is dedicated to creating compelling television and streaming series, documentaries, and visual branded content based on the award winning journalistic integrity that Bill Kurtis has brought to television throughout his 50 year broadcast career.


We produce edge-of-your-seat visual story telling that enlightens, outrages, inspires, and delights. 

We immerse you in our journey -- whether to new heights of scientific discovery or the depths of human criminal behavior.

We are there for the chilling-to-the-bone acts of violence and outrageous frauds that challenge the crime fighters on the front lines.

Our cameras capture take-your-breath-away images from around the world that let you feel you are experiencing it all first hand.

We are there on the front lines of global conservation that will help save the planet.

We are there to show the awe inspiring work of nonprofit organizations, whether saving human lives or our shared civic, cultural and artistic life.

KURTIS PRODUCTIONS is where stories come to light.

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*Founded in 1987

*Over 500 series episodes

*More than 50 nonprofit and corporate videos

*1,000 Bill Kurtis Narrations


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